25 Weeks


It all started with this photo.

I made the comment “this is how I feel when I wear earrings” to Trey laying in bed one night while scrolling through my Instagram feed.

Fast forward a week later when I’m getting dressed to go out and put earrings on. I ask Trey “earrings or no earrings?” To which he replies “no earrings…you don’t want to look like an alpaca”.

Me, having totally forgotten about the aforementioned alpaca photo earlier in the week, thinks he’s making a pregnant joke.

Then this alpaca decided she wasn’t going and took off her shoes.

Trey (from the living room): “Babe, let’s go!”

Me (from the bedroom floor, sitting in front of the mirror, now pant-less): “No, I’m as big as an alpaca!”

Then it became known he was referencing the photo. We laughed, I got dressed and off we went.

Sans earrings.

Yours truly,
Big as an alpaca


Photo by Kara Rosenlund.