38 weeks


We’re just two weeks away from meeting the little human that’s been judo chopping my rib cage these last 9 months and we’re so stoked. It’s been a long time coming and for the day to almost be here is a pretty cool feeling. I keep getting asked the question “are you ready?”. I think we’re ready. As ready as you can be. I feel great. I’m still swimming and doing everything I normally do. A woman stopped me on the stairs the other day and was like “Girl, take the elevator!”. Another person asked why I was out so close to my due date, as if I’m supposed to stay inside. I think movies portray pregnant women going into labor very differently than how it happens in real life so people have this idea of a woman’s water breaking and then this mad dash to get to the hospital. I could only be so lucky. Likely it will be a marathon.

We put the finishing touches on little human’s space this weekend. It’s just a corner of our bedroom right now. I will share that here later this week. We picked up a rocking chair this past weekend, which was one of the last things on our list we needed to get done. We took the truck to go pick up the chair even though the registration is out of date, so on the way we were coming up with ways we’d talk our way out of a ticket if we got pulled over. We came to the conclusion the most effective way would be for me to hold my belly and say I was in active labor. SORRY OFFICER. NO TIME TO TALK! Luckily we didn’t have to pull that trick out of the bag and made it home without being pulled over.


We’ve been spending time at the beach and river with the dogs a lot lately. I’m sure they have an idea about what’s coming, they’re smart dogs. The other day I was doing these breathing exercises my doula recommended and Keeper ran in the room and started howling to alert the neighborhood. False alarm, Keep!

Trey is really excited to be a dad. It’s really great to see. He told me yesterday that he thinks people might think he stole a baby if he’s out alone with little human. “What is that guy doing with a baby?”, as if he doesn’t look the part. I thought that was funny. I think this kid is really lucky to have him as a dad.

Over these last 9 months we’ve sat on the floor of a yoga studio in San Francisco on bolster pillows learning about newborn care, swaddled and diapered infant-sized dolls with other parents to be, laughed our way through awkward birth positions at birth classes, watched detailed videos through our fingers, and read the tried and true books on babies. Now we just wait, armed and ready with little knit hats with ears ready to put on a sweet babe’s head!


Well that, and we should probably install the car seat and pack a hospital bag.

  • Jen

    You look amazing Nic! We’re on pins and needles over here waiting for your little one to arrive :)