Have A Happy Friday.

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Tonight we’re watching Game 4 of Warriors vs the Cavs with friends somewhere (I hope there’s nachos). Tomorrow I’m stopping by the West Coast Craft fair in San Francisco and most likely getting a scoop of Hong Kong milk tea ice cream at Humphry Slocombe for the ride home. On Sunday, I’m dragging Trey to yoga with me. I still go to the regular classes and modify the positions. I know a good place for prenatal classes, but the ones at the gym are free. Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. Trey caught me on a chair painting the wall trim last weekend and he was like what are you doing! and I was like, painting the wall!

We’re also planning on building bookshelves for little human’s room at some point this weekend. We gifted ourselves a table saw for xmas that we’ve yet to put to use! Last weekend we painted the walls of the room a soft white and I love how it turned out. I’ve been using Instagram Stories a lot if you want to follow along with the progress. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Here are a few things from this week…
Keeper is the new face for SF SPCA’s summer adoption initiative – we know her!

I recently got this tank in white and love it.

Anyone else watching Better Call Saul? The courtroom scene – so good!

Pretty reusable bags. I have one in “petal” and Trey carries it to the grocery store. Gender norms be gone!

I can’t wait for LCD Soundsystem’s new album. I’ve been listening to the two songs they recently released on repeat.

Some of these beauties are growing in our greenhouse.

If Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement made you mad too, rest assured no countries can actually leave the agreement until 2020 – after his term ends.

I saw this kids book at a book store this week and think little human’s library will eventually need it.

Have you heard of The Moth storytelling events? I’m thinking about going to this one.


Mara Hoffman’s rainbow swimsuits are so pretty to look at.

When the grass is lava.

Have a rad weekend.

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I’m back! How was your week? Any great plans for this weekend? Our week was super interesting. We came home to Trey’s motorcycle being stolen and checked Craigslist to find it being listed by some guy who lived down the street. So, we acted as though we were interested buyers and showed up, naturally. We verified it was our bike, agreed to buy it, and said we needed to go to the ATM, then we showed back up with the cops.  Here’s the thing, although we have the title that clearly states the bike is ours, he managed to get a new title from the DMV and register it through some loophole (the bike still had FL tags and the registration was out – if you remember, we had just got it back from having it previously stolen from our Uhaul when we moved here from Florida). The guy claims he didn’t steal it, that he bought it from some guy for $150. So the cops told us there was nothing they could do except mark it as stolen so the guy couldn’t sell it. The guy is keeping it.  I looked right at him and asked “did you steal our bike?” and he just looked back at me coldly and said “no, I didn’t”. The police told us it’s considered a civil case now and if we want the bike back, we’ll have to sue him and bring him in front of a judge. So, here’s a PSA for all you cats out there in the market for a new-to-you vehicle: go find an out of state car with expired tags,  apparently they’re ripe for the pickin’. The cops? Nah, don’t worry about them, they won’t do anything.

Last night’s bottle of champagne was completely warranted in my mind. Maybe not the second one, but definitely the first. Here’s to celebrating being a law abiding citizen who doesn’t steal like some kind of neanderthal. And here’s to going swimming this weekend and eating indian food at an awesome little spot down the street tonight because negativity never wins.  On a lighter note, here are some things around the internet that I found cool/happy/inspiring this week. Hope you have a happy, rad weekend!

2015 National Geographic travel photo winners - so good
I read this and found it helpful
#ilooklikeanEngineer  - so inspiring!
A yummy recipe I can’t wait to try
3 different kinds of bullshit - gonna miss this show!
A canoe elopement
Cool undies
Made me laugh
A list of modern relationships


Photo of Jack as Steve Zissou is one I took and posted to Instagram earlier this week.

Have a Rad Weekend.


Hey there.

How was your week? Keeper ate our Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I got a haircut and the Landcruiser’s fuel pump got replaced. We also bought a Wii off Craigslist and played NBA jams and Just Dance 2 every night this week. Our neighbors must be so happy that the one routine we seem to have down is to Ke$ha’s song Tik Tok. Has anyone been watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix? So good! We watched a few episodes last night and…there’s something about Piper’s new love interest, right?! Total girl crush on Stella! 

This weekend we’re headed to Lake Tahoe for some hiking and lake fun. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees! I’m hoping the water is warm enough for Keeper to swim since she’s never been before. Hope you have a rad weekend too.

Here are a few things I came across this week:

Love these sunglasses

A scent for summer

The five people you meet on the subway


Really feeling these awesome watercolor prints for our wall

This recipe looks too good

Wise words

A breezy dress I’d wear on a warm day

…and these stud earrings to go with

Love wins

Above photo via Kinfolk.

Have a rad weekend.


What are your plans for this weekend? Tonight we’re going to a friend’s Pi(e) party because it’s 3/13 and that’s just a day away from 3/14 and in math, Pi is 3.14 (rounded). Then, I don’t know what else we’re up to this weekend. Maybe watch a movie and make out a little, eat some eggs. Who knows, the world is ours. Hope yours is exactly what you need.

Have a rad weekend.

Book darts

And a book to use them in

The Himalayas, from 20,000 feet

Been listenin’ to this all week

Did you know the word ‘Fart‘ means speed in Norwegian? (you’re welcome)

The Bollywood Workout

A new island has formed in the South Pacific ocean and it’s kinda cute


Above photo found here.

Have a rad weekend.


This weekend is daylight’s savings time and can I get a WOOTY WOOT for that – yes indeed roll them clocks forward on Sunday. There’s only a few more weeks left in winter and that makes me really happy. With spring comes projects and travel and I am overjoyed to be saying goodbye to the “winter” we had here. I pulled my bike out from storage yesterday, soo stoked to have some sunlight left in the evenings to go on a ride around town.

Keeper is growing like a shoot of bamboo. She knows a trick now that I can’t wait to share. Hint hint – it’s one we’re VERY familiar with. But first I have to chase her down and capture it on video. She’s like a lightening bolt of energy mixed with sugary sweetness. She’s made friends with every dog person in the neighborhood. Just the best. This morning she woke us up by jumping in the bed covered in tape from a lint roller she had gotten her paws onto. It’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.

As for this weekend, we’re headed somewhere – we don’t know where yet. Sometimes the best remedy for a long week is to just get in the car with no plans whatsoever and drive. You come across the best places and end up doing the coolest things. No agenda, just right. Lola will be back in two weeks with a spankin’ new get up – repaired engine, added horsepower for hauling (hells yeah), and a cleaned inside. Adventures await.
Sunday I’ll probably hit up a flea market in the morning and meet Trey for yoga in the afternoon. Maybe whip up some delicious brunch. Next week we’ll be back with an all new Dog People post.

In the meantime, have a rad weekend.

Say what you wanna say

Joanna Goddard’s cute Brooklyn apartment 

A falling garden

All the rage right now

I can’t stop watching him.

Love this new Spring line

Let loose

Cool mugs



Above photo of Leslie Fiest found here.

Have a rad weekend.


Goodbye week, it’s been real. How was you guys’ week? Mine was…well…

Imagine this, if you will.

It’s Tuesday morning, 8:30am, and you’re running late. You’ve got a meeting 20 minutes outside the city and even with go-go gadget helicopter arms you’d still be 10 minutes late. So, you down a handful of vitamins and an antibiotic you’ve been prescribed and run out the door, eyeing a banana on your way out (you’ll pick something up later, you tell yourself). You get in the car, NPR’s on and they’re talking about Hilary Clinton coming to SF. You pass the toll booth and hand the attendant a crisp new $5 bill, reminding yourself once again to a buy a dang fast pass because you’d rather not see how much you’re actually spending on bridge tolls. Then it hits you…a wave of nausea. ‘Huh, that’s weird‘, you think to yourself briefly. You keep going at a smooth trot towards your destination, the traffic isn’t that bad surprisingly. You’re approaching the bridge. Now they’re talking about the Islamic state on NPR. And it hits you again, a stronger wave of nausea. ‘What the crap man‘ you say out loud while holding back a gag.

Then you remember taking THOSE vitamins/antibiotics and forgoing THAT banana. Be cool, you tell yourself, you’re almost there. Just gotta make it over the bridge. You switch the station from NPR because suddenly talk radio is just making it worse. You need something upbeat. La la la not going to puke la la la.
You’ve made it to the bridge and can judge it’ll just be about 15 minutes until you get to where you’re going. Then it comes again, this time it’s a tidal wave of nausea. Traffic comes to a stand still, picks up a little, only to stall again. No no no no. There’s no fighting it. It’s happening. You mouth is wet with saliva pooling at the back of your throat. Palms are sweaty (mom’s spaghetti). Nooooo. That’s it. You pull over, yank the Emergency brake (surprisingly well thanks to all the swan arms you’ve been doing), throw your four ways on in the middle of the bridge, get out, and puke off the bridge in front of all the other fellow morning commuters on said bridge. Yep, you did it. It happened.

Alright‘, that wasn’t that bad…’, you try to convince yourself while returning to your car (dignity not intact) and actively avoiding eye contact with other drivers around you. To avoid tossing your cookies again, you need food. Any food. So you do it. Yeah you do it. You get over the bridge and hustle it straight to McDonald’s drive-thru and order an egg and cheese biscuit. Message received, stomach…here, have an incredibly processed biscuit. You arrive late to your meeting and contemplate explaining why you were late, then think about how it might sound. You know…that whole just puked off a bridge, went and got an egg and cheese biscuit… like, rather not.

Then later, you find out that the Landcruiser of your dreams needs a new engine and for a moment you consider selling your kidney on the black market to offset impending costs (you really only need one).

Adios fourth week of February 2015, see you again never. What can you do? Laugh about it, that’s what. And cry a little. Just kidding.

Hope your week was tuned to a different frequency than mine…have a rad weekend! :)

Would you? (I would)

Lovely basket

A good quote for creative people

Made me laugh – Life in San Francisco

Tiny houses to rent on Airbnb

Moon coasters

Alright really, what color is this dress?

Above photo of Francoise Hardy found here.

Have a rad weekend.


This week went by super fast (funny story- I met an English guy on a train in Thailand and asked him what’s the one word people from the US say a lot and he said “Super, everything is SUUUper”, I loved that). Anyway, man oh man is it beautiful outside. Oh mama, I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend outdoors. California folks really are spoiled when it comes to weather (don’t worry, we pay higher taxes and 6 dollar bridge tolls to make up for it).

Let’s see…well, we’re revamping this space since it’s been getting a lot of traffic (thanks!). So if you happen to cruise through over the weekend and things look a little crazy, pardon our mess – we’re just doing some maintenance. Oh and hey!… don’t be afraid to leave comments in the comments section, I don’t bite! As a long time lurker of blogs, I totally understand it though. It’s cool, take it in. Throw it back if it feels right, haha. We’re hoping the new design will be more accommodating for readers and I’m really excited. In the meantime, have a rad weekend.

Oh Bill Murray, you make me laugh and cry
Make your place smell great
The best all natural deodorant I’ve ever used, hands down
Humble beginnings of 2015 Oscar nominees
Cactus tea towels

Above photo found here.

Have a rad weekend.

We Are The RhoadsRolling StoneCarrie Brownstein

Hey. Well, that’s a wrap for the week…yayyy. But it’s supposed to rain all weekend…ah ratsss. Any raucous plans for this evening? I think we’re ordering indian take out and watching Point Break, only the best American crime film to come out of 1991 starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey. That’s right: In the coastal town of Los Angeles, a gang of bank robbers commit a slew of crimes around town, but they aren’t your ordinary bank robbers. They’re surfer bank robbers. 27 banks in three years – anything to catch the perfect wave! And they call themselves the “ex presidents” and wear past president face masks and- you know what, you should just see it.

This week was pretty nice. Some highlights included this Lana Del Ray kick I’ve been on since Tuesday, one of my videos getting pre-selected for a wildlife film festival in NYC this year, and Keeper landing wrong on her leg and us thinking she broke it (she’s ok). Winters for a field biologist aren’t the most exciting. The plus side is I have more time to work on other things, like the new series I’m going to be unveiling here on Monday. I’m really excited to share it!

In the meantime, hope you have a rad weekend.

Made me laugh
Best magazine cover ever?
Who’s cutting onions in here!
Excited to try this
I need this
This woman.



Above photo found here.