Dear Ever

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This past weekend we took you on a hike in the Marin Headlands, on the coastal trail from the Golden Gate Bridge out to the ocean. We made it just in time for sunset. You sat on your dad’s shoulders and we watched the sun go down over the horizon. Keeper and Jack were there too. From where we were you could see the bridge and the city and a few miles offshore. We stayed there until the sun was gone completely, watching the cotton candy-colored sky fade and hearing the sound of freighters blowing their fog horns entering and exiting the bay.

You’re 14 weeks now. The doctor says you’re too skinny for how tall you are despite how much you eat, so we make sure to load you up with lots of milk right before visits so you weigh at least 4-6 oz more on the scale. You come everywhere with us. You like the tall buildings in downtown San Francisco, the hum of airplane engines make you fall asleep, and you find naps on the sand comfy. You met your grandparents and aunt and uncle in North Carolina. You love them. You don’t have much hair yet so I knitted you a hat with a ridiculously large pom pom on it to keep your head warm. You’re a champion smiler, which I think is pretty cool. You smile at everything. You love water, in particular “swimming” in the bath tub. We were giving you sink baths but you recently discovered the hot/cold knobs and like to turn it to hot and scold yourself while screaming. So we take baths together now, which will make for good conversation when you’re older. Your favorite toy right now is your teddy, Graham. You got it for your first Christmas and your dad named it that because it reminded him of the snack Teddy Grahams. You also like a book about a penguin that makes no sense and kinda pisses me off every time I read it to you. You laugh a lot. Your dad tried out a jump rope in the living room the other day and you thought it was hilarious. You laughed so much that he kept doing it over and over. You like to watch Planet Earth (David Attenbourgh’s voice almost always puts you to sleep) and Warriors games with your dad. Your favorite sound is GOO. We call you Pinto Bean. You are our favorite.

I love you, I love you.


  • Claire

    Such a moving letter! <3
    PS (Don't worry about the weight, doctors are never happy! Mine is supposedly too big haha :) Ever is a beauty! )

    • Wildlandia

      Aw yeah I know, it’s funny she was so fat, now she’s long and lanky…next she’ll probably go through a chunk phase. It’s fun to watch! :)