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Recently I caught up with awesome dog people Leah and Aaron, the couple behind the wildly popular Instagram Life with Leroy to answer a few questions. This trio is a really special one! So, without further ado…

IMG_2241 Dog’s name/Age/Breed:
Leroy, 3 years old, Terrier Mix

What made you decide to get a dog? 
Growing up, my dad was very allergic to animals so I had a lot of gerbils, birds and reptiles instead. I craved the companionship of a dog from a very young age, so as soon as I moved out of the house, I knew I was destined to have my own dog.

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Tell me about the first time you met Leroy.
I was helping a friend do some shopping in the East Bay when we stopped to get ice cream. There was a local rescue group holding a mobile adoption event right next door. I saw someone holding this scruffy little guy named Rascal, and I immediately gravitated towards his happy go-lucky attitude. I was head over heels when I saw how friendly and easy going he was with anyone who approached him. I signed the papers and then snapped a quick photo to send to my husband (who was away for the weekend). He promptly told me that I better not be adopting that dog, but I know we’re all very glad that I didn’t listen to him that day!

What’s the last thing he did that made you laugh?
Leroy is such a ham. He is always trying to please. He loves to show off his toys to us as soon we we walk in the door, and he’s really taken to bringing us every toy he has to make sure we know how good he is. It’s really adorable. I just wish he’d put them all back when he was done!

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What are your favorite characteristics about your dog?Leroy is very easy going. He comes with us pretty much everywhere we go. From plane rides, to motorcycle rides, he’s always in on the action. Because he’s always in new environments, he’s become really good at meeting new people and being in many different types of situations so we feel very lucky for that.

Does Leroy have a nickname? If so, how did he get it?
Leroy’s nickname changes all the time. For some reason the latest one has been ‘Peter’. It’s just so funny to imagine him with the name Peter. He doesn’t respond to it, but maybe if we keep it up long enough he will.

Where do you shop for your dog (online shops, stores, etc)?
We tend to shop local in our hometown of San Francisco. Our favorite shop right now is Pawtrero in Potrero Hill.

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Are there any dog products you especially love/couldn’t live without?
We really couldn’t live without Leroy’s leash by Found My Animal. He’s always getting into muddy or sandy situations, so having a leash that can stand the wear and tear is absolutely necessary. Something about the rope material is sturdy enough, yet still lightweight, and easy to hold on to; all very important things for us!

What does being a “Dog Person” mean to you?
It means that we are always considering the things we do with Leroy in mind. If we want to grab a drink on a sunny day, we make sure we find a patio that allows dogs. If we want to take a trip somewhere up the coast, don’t forget the dog food! It never feels quite right if Leroy isn’t with us. He’s just such a member of our family that being a ‘Dog Person’ is less about ownership and more about lifestyle.

What’s one piece of advice you would tell someone looking to get a dog?
Meet a lot of dogs, and make sure you take a look at your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself about how willing you are to modify your life to accommodate a dog, then find a dog that can match your level of energy!


Thanks Leah and Aaron!
For more Life with Leroy, you can follow along on their awesome (over 91k fans!) Instagram, right here.