Inspired: End of Summer Mexico Trip


This Friday we’re leaving for Mexico to spend 5 days on the Yucatan peninsula.  We were talking the other night about how we always travel off the beaten path when we go places – we backpacked across South East Asia, have stayed in airbnb flats outside the tourists areas in Europe, hired guides in Central America to trek us into the rainforest, etc. We love getting away from crowds and getting more of a local vibe in the countries we visit. One thing we haven’t done a lot of when traveling is stay at a resort in a popular, easily accessible location and just relaxed by the beach/pool. So, we’re off to do just that! I’m excited. The last time we were in Mexico was a few years back when we stayed in Cabo San Lucas. We landed and had forgotten to exchange currencies which made for a fun learning experience. This time we’ll be heading to Tulum and Playa del Carmen, and I’ll make sure to remember the pesos. 

Here are a few things I’ve been pinning on Pinterest while planning for the trip.

1. / Straw sun hat 2. / Turkish beach towel 3. / Sandals 4. / Beach tunic 5. / Brass cuff 6. / Sunglasses.