Keeper’s Tricks – 15 weeks

Keeper Tricks – 15 weeks from Wildlandia on Vimeo.
Keeper is a rad little pup. She’s got her tricks down and is so fast at picking up new ones. Here’s what she knows now.
  • Rebecca Puffer

    Keeper is adorable! I just taught my dog how to “go to sleep.”
    Your photos are inspiring. I am so glad I found your blog! I always dreamed of being a marine biologist, but let that dream slip away. I am excited to follow your journey.

    • wildlandia

      Haha, well Keeper is NOT good at “go to sleep”. She’s in play mode 24/7. Little pre-teen that she is. Your blog is great…so funny. Excited to follow you as well :)

  • mingmingly

    So adorable! I love how she looks away from the toy when you ask her to stay, haha. My dog does that with “leave it” and we place cookies on his paws.