Let’s get cozy


It’s Wednesday morning, 8:34 am. The radiator is humming and Jack is asleep upside down next to me. My brain wants coffee but my toes crave the warmth of the covers for just a few minutes longer. The city looks chilly today. Outside our window I can see the fog blanketing the Golden Gate bridge. In a few minutes, Trey will take off on his motorcycle across the Bay bridge into the city for work and I’ll tuck my cold toes into some warm slippers and relocate to our home office (it’s really a closet). In the past week or so the temperatures have really began to drop. It never gets that cold here, but it’s enough to warrant curling up with a blanket and a cup of something warm at night, and eating a slow cooked meal made in the dutch oven. The dogs have been loving their new dog beds and Mila has been occupying a sheepskin rug I tucked into her little cat teepee. Do you have anything in particular that you do to stay cozy during the cold months? Any good book or show recommendations? We’ve been meaning to watch more of Game of Thrones. “Winter is coming”, (that Jon Snow is so dreamy).

Warm leggings, Slippers, BlanketLe Crueset oven, Slow Fires bookWoolrich dog bed


  • Claire

    gimme all of it