Life with a Dog / 03

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Life hack #3: Invest in a good leash

When it comes to choosing an everyday leash for your dog, there are a few things to consider. Qualities like length, safety and aesthetic appeal are all important determining factors, but the one thing I’ve found to be an absolute must when looking for a dog leash is durability. There are lots of choices on the market these days in terms of materials, everything from nylon, to leather, to even ones made from climbing rope. We’ve tried a fair share of them out with our dogs and, like goldilocks, it took a few tries before we got it just right. With nylon leashes, we found that while they are very strong and don’t constrict when wet, they could be chewed through. Leather leashes are stylish, however, they didn’t make the grade when it came to withstanding the elements in the places we take our dogs (beach, woods, river, etc). One material that did withstand the test of time was a leash we made for Jack out of some climbing rope we picked up at REI. It served us well for 6 (!) years, however, it wasn’t the most stylish leash and definitely had that “homemade” feel to it. With every leash it seemed like we were compromising something. I wondered, was there a leash out there that looked stylish while providing the durability we needed?
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That’s when we discovered RESQ CO. I had been noticing rope leashes more and more on the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley and I was so excited to give them a try. Out of all the leashes we’ve had, I can now say our favorite by far are the rope leashes from RESQ CO.  Initially, I was drawn to them because of their stylish aesthetic, but they have since proved to be the most durable leashes we’ve ever owned. Their leashes are made from three strand premium-grade rope that’s spliced together by seaman right here in the US.  These leashes are not only stylish, but strong, lightweight and can hold up through almost everything…exactly what we were looking for. The quick snap and key ring (handy for easily clipping on waste bags) are made of solid brass so they won’t corrode if exposed to water, a big bonus for my river loving pups. The icing on the cake was learning that a portion of their profits go to animal shelters every month to help rescue dogs.

RESQ CO is giving Wildlandia readers a 10% discount off your entire order. Just visit their shop and enter promotional code: wildlandia at checkout.

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