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Jack’s favorite treat is a carrot. Keeper’s favorite treat is an ice cube. I decided to combine the two and make carrot ice treats. I haven’t decided whether it’s inventive or lazy, but either way, they love them. Keeper has a Pavlovian response to the freezer door opening since she knows that’s where they are. I’ll go to grab a bag of frozen peas and all of a sudden notice a Keeper girl sitting underneath me, asking for her carrot ice. I like making these for the dogs on hot days because it’s something cool to help them stay hydrated, and because carrots are a naturally sweet, healthy treat. The smiley face molds are just for added happiness. We recently got them a pool, too!

Carrot Ice Treats

What you’ll need:
1 carrot
1 cup water
A smiley face ice cube tray (or just any ole’ one)

Here’s how:
Blend water and carrot together until liquid. Pour into molds. Refrigerate overnight. Give to your pups!

*Like most popsicles, these are best eaten outside because they can stain rugs, etc. And since dogs lack opposable thumbs it almost always guarantees making a mess inside (speaking for a friend).

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