Little Human: On the Go


Shopping for baby gear has been a lot of fun. Cue a dorky montage of us trying out baby carriers with Mila cat in them, test driving strollers as if they were BMX bikes through department stores, strapping Jack into the car seat to test the weight limit, texting each other funny reviews on products, holding up little fleece-y winter coats with ears to show each other from across the store just how cute it is(!), etc etc etc. There are a ton of options out there for baby products and choosing the right ones takes a little bit of time, but we had fun with it.

Since our lifestyle is a mix of city and outdoors, we decided to look for versatile products that would work in both settings. We made a list of things we consider essentials and focused on those. At going on 37 weeks, I can say we’re just about ready gear-wise. Of course, who knows. Every kid is different and requires/prefers different things. We’ll see how it goes. Here are the products we plan on using while out and about with our little human…

For on the go:
A Nuna Pipa car seat, for getting there.

A City Mini GT stroller – compact enough for busy San Francisco streets and all-terrain enough for trails through the redwoods.

A baby carrier – this outdoorsy Bjorn for Trey, and this tan Solly Baby wrap for me.

This diaper bag , to store essentials like diapers, wipes, milk, an extra onesie, etc.

This travel changing mat, for changes on the fly.

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