Made: Little Play Gym

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Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

Ever is 9 weeks old and so lively. Her favorite sound to make is GOO, which she sort of screams at you like, GOO! followed by a big smile that shows all her gums. Whenever you start singing a song she recognizes she smiles so big that her eyes squint into these little half moon shapes. We don’t know half the words to most of the holiday songs we’ve been singing so they end up sounding like Dashing through the snow…in a one horse open sleigh… la la la la la…laughing all the way… ha! ha! ha! She doesn’t mind.

It’s so cool to watch all these new developments in her brain come online every day. I thought it was time we gave her a new form of entertainment (as exciting as her hands and staring at the threads on my sweater are). This little gym was super simple to make. She likes to wave her arms and hit the ribbons, or smile and laugh at the little moon rattle like they have an inside joke going (oh moon, you’re so funny). I added a mirror so she could see herself and watch the objects move in the reflection. The little shag rug makes a soft place for her to practice tummy time, when the dogs aren’t laying on it. It folds away easy too, so the dogs don’t lay on it.

How to make:

(Most of this was made from things I had already, so some materials are similar to ones I used.)
Two 1 1/2″ x 5 ft wood planks
One 3/4″ dowel rod (similar)
Objects for hanging (I used silk ribbons, this black and white moon rattle, and some 1/2″ wooden beads).
3-4 wood rings
3 yards of rope
Mirror, or similar if not near an IKEA
Hand saw

Cut 1 1/2″ wood planks into four 30″ legs. Drill large hole for dowel using 3/4” drill bit on all four legs at the top. Drill small holes for supports in middle of each leg using 1/4″ drill bit. Cut dowel down to 36″. Assemble objects to be hanged and tie to wooden rings. Insert dowel into large hole on top of legs. Tie support rope across small holes in middle of legs. Place comfy rug or blanket underneath!