DOG PEOPLE / Kayla + Loki of A Wilder Kind


Name/Occupation Kayla, Art Director + Graphic Designer @awilderkind

Dogs name/Age/Breed: Loki is an almost-11-month-old mutt. We think he’s a dachshund, plus maybe a pomeranian and/or chihuahua, plus maybe something else…?

What made you decide to get a dog? My boyfriend and I grew up with dogs, love dogs, and wanted to give a homeless dog a family. Plus I work at home, so I wanted a companion for myself during the day and a hiking buddy for all the dog-friendly trails near our house. lokisfirstdayhome

Tell me about the first time you met your dog. We first saw Loki on Petfinder. We had a few dogs bookmarked but just kept coming back to that foxy-looking puppy…we couldn’t stop thinking about him. But he came from a rescue org. a few hours away from where we live, and we couldn’t make it there until the next week. We actually had to put him on “hold” so they wouldn’t take him to their big adoption event before we got there. So we committed to adopting him before we met him — which is a little crazy! Luckily when we met him in real life, he was so sweet and our instincts were right. lokiatsunset

What’s the last thing your dog did that made you laugh? Loki makes us laugh literally every day. He’s very communicative. Around his dinner time, I’m usually still at my desk. I’ll feel a little paw tap-tap-tap on my knee and then I’ll look down to see his eyes looking up at me. He’s not pushy, it’s like he’s just saying “Pardon me, I’m ready for my dinner.” Then when I ask him if he’s hungry, he does this crazy excited little dance. Same thing when I ask him to go outside with me and feed our bunnies. He really quickly figured out how things work around here and knows our routine.

Does your dog have a nickname? If so, how did they get it? Well it’s a little embarrassing haha but most of the time I call him “BB” or “Lil’ B”. Sometimes I’ll call him “Nugget” or “Nugget BB”. There’s not really a story behind those, they just happened and stuck.


Are you anything like your dog? Both of us love the outdoors, peanut butter, and sleeping in.

What are your favorite characteristics about your dog? I love that he’s calm and friendly, and pretty much awesome in every social situation. He’ll go with me to the hair salon, shopping downtown, to restaurants…and then of course on hikes and to the dog beach, too. He’s stayed with us at friends’ homes, in Airbnb places… he’s just chill, secure, and independent. But not too independent for cuddling. He’s a big cuddler.

What does being a “dog person” mean to you? To me, being a dog person means that you truly care about dogs’ well-being and your dog is part of your family. Of course Loki misbehaves sometimes, but we’re not about punishing him and scaring him. We’ve always tried to understand why he would do things and build a communication bridge with him. Our goal wasn’t just good behavior, but a good mental state for him — which ended up leading to good behavior. There are some people who think of dogs as accessories, as disposable, or even just as all being the same. A dog person will get to know their dog as an individual, and furthermore realizes that all dogs are individuals with their own needs, who all have worth, and who are never disposable.


What’s one piece of advice you would tell someone looking to get a dog? I have 2 pieces of advice. The first is: please adopt! Thanks to the magic of internet databases like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet, you can find basically any size, age, color… whatever kind of dog you’re looking for. We got Loki from Stonecliffe Animal Rescue in central California, and they work tirelessly to take dogs from county shelters and place them in fosters and loving forever homes. They are constantly taking in dogs of all ages, all breeds. They’ll put the call out there when a dog is scheduled to be put down at an overcrowded shelter. I guarantee there is a wonderful dog waiting for you at a shelter or rescue org. near where you live, and there are just too many dogs dying needlessly because of this insane dog overpopulation. The second piece of advice expands on what being a “dog person” means to me: know your dog as an individual. You can read training books (I read + loved Decoding Your Dog) but in the end you need to work with the dog you have, with their unique personality and needs. You need patience and understanding, because there will be times when even the best dog misbehaves. But if you have the means, the time, and the will, getting a dog can be one of the best decisions you ever make. It’s just unconditional love. It’s the best.
Thanks Kayla. For more, you can find her and Loki on Instagram at @apupnamedloki. And to see what Dog People is all about, take a peek at our first post here.

Rose Colored Glasses


I’ve debated writing a post like this because it’s different than my normal vibe. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to share my life with other people, but I also knew I needed a place where I could write for me. Continue reading…

Scenes from the weekend

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This weekend we slept in late like a bunch of bears then took the dogs to a dog park about 30 minutes east of us. It was Keep’s first time at a dog park and she loved it. Her herding instinct kicked in and she was chasing all the big dogs down. She didn’t care about the ball or frisbee, she’d rather herd that Bernese mountain dog over there. Go on then, girl. When we came home I made Keep and Jack stop and take a photo since they were all happy. I think it looks like they are doing the prom pose. Sunday we went to the Berkeley flea market and found some cool stuff including some wooden hands, indigo mudcloth and a bolga basket.  Then we made brunch and finished up working on Wildlandia’s new design so we could debut it today! I hope you like it. Trey is a talented Software Engineer / Web Designer and hopefully the new look he cooked up will allow you to navigate easier within the site and be able to locate popular posts you may have missed, etc.

…Alright Monday, here we come.

Have a rad weekend.


This weekend is daylight’s savings time and can I get a WOOTY WOOT for that – yes indeed roll them clocks forward on Sunday. There’s only a few more weeks left in winter and that makes me really happy. With spring comes projects and travel and I am overjoyed to be saying goodbye to the “winter” we had here. I pulled my bike out from storage yesterday, soo stoked to have some sunlight left in the evenings to go on a ride around town.

Keeper is growing like a shoot of bamboo. She knows a trick now that I can’t wait to share. Hint hint – it’s one we’re VERY familiar with. But first I have to chase her down and capture it on video. She’s like a lightening bolt of energy mixed with sugary sweetness. She’s made friends with every dog person in the neighborhood. Just the best. This morning she woke us up by jumping in the bed covered in tape from a lint roller she had gotten her paws onto. It’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.

As for this weekend, we’re headed somewhere – we don’t know where yet. Sometimes the best remedy for a long week is to just get in the car with no plans whatsoever and drive. You come across the best places and end up doing the coolest things. No agenda, just right. Lola will be back in two weeks with a spankin’ new get up – repaired engine, added horsepower for hauling (hells yeah), and a cleaned inside. Adventures await.
Sunday I’ll probably hit up a flea market in the morning and meet Trey for yoga in the afternoon. Maybe whip up some delicious brunch. Next week we’ll be back with an all new Dog People post.

In the meantime, have a rad weekend.

Say what you wanna say

Joanna Goddard’s cute Brooklyn apartment 

A falling garden

All the rage right now

I can’t stop watching him.

Love this new Spring line

Let loose

Cool mugs



Above photo of Leslie Fiest found here.

Around here

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Leisure reading, morning matcha and Jenny Pennywood towels / 2. Cactus I saw on a walk / 3. Sleep, she ain’t havin’ it. / 4. Smells like sandalwood / 5. Indigo house, volvo / 6. Mila cat, tulips, ranunculus (because they look like wild flowers) / 7. Coffee at Blue Bottle / 8. Panda pillow, panda dog / 9. Vintage red bug spotted / 10. Morning face / 11. Dawgs 4 lyfe / 12. Farty Jack


Pack on Jack

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Jack tried out his spiffy new custom-made trail pack from Groundbird Gear on our last hike. He was psyched (exhibit A: the first photo up there ^ ) and looked like a smiley cub scout the whole time. Groundbird Gear is a small company based out of Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in lightweight, durable packs made custom to fit your dog. Owner Marie works closely with you to create a unique one-of-a-kind pack that is perfectly tailored to your dog’s body individually. The process was easy and fun, from choosing the design and colors, to submitting measurements, seeing mock ups and finally unwrapping the finished product. We’ve had packs before that we bought off the rack and they never really fit Jack correctly (he’s got a mutt bod, we say he looks like an eggplant). These packs are a great alternative to those mass-produced ones. The roll-down pockets on each side are roomy and can adjust to carry as much or as little as you need. This is especially useful as Jack likes to have multiple balls with him at all times (teenagers). We’re really happy with his new trail pack and will continue to use it on our future hikes and camping trips. You can get your own custom trail pack right here just in time for Spring.

C’mon get happy

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This weekend was good. We shook off the funk from last week (sorry I got all pukey on you in that earlier post) with a nice hike on Grizzly Peak trail in Tilden park, a spot not too far from our place. Keeper got her last set of shots so now she can go to dog parks and trails without the risk of catching nasty viruses….just in time for spring, yesss. Jack was lovin’ life. The vet says he has a couple pounds to lose so we strapped a pack on him with a few balls and some water inside. Jack is my buddha. I feel most at peace when I’m with him. He is the kindest soul and my best friend. Besides Trey, Jack is the most honest and rewarding relationship I’ve ever had. Whether that’s because I’m somewhat shy, or because I’ve moved around a lot and it’s made it hard to maintain close relationships, I’m not sure. But, he’s always here, knows all my secrets and we have sleepovers. That’s a best friend, mine just has an extra set of legs. Always a good time exploring nature with him.

So, we also got Lola moved from the shop in Mill Valley it was at into a shop near us that can do engine repairs. She’s getting checked out and all spiffed up and will hopefully be on the road again soon. We stopped by Point Labs surf/skate shop on the way home and met some cool people. I may have picked up a few things.

It’s late afternoon now and I’m laying in bed writing this. Sundays are the best. Our room feels like a treehouse, high up in the trees with a sliver of the bay peeking through willowy branches outside. The big windows have old hardware and the sun shines in unforgivingly most days. In a few minutes the sun will meet the horizon, but for now I’m sitting here admiring the glowing pastel pinks, blues and oranges I can see in the sky. A nice little cap on a sweet little weekend.

ah Monday, you buzz kill.

Have a rad weekend.


Goodbye week, it’s been real. How was you guys’ week? Mine was…well…

Imagine this, if you will.

It’s Tuesday morning, 8:30am, and you’re running late. You’ve got a meeting 20 minutes outside the city and even with go-go gadget helicopter arms you’d still be 10 minutes late. So, you down a handful of vitamins and an antibiotic you’ve been prescribed and run out the door, eyeing a banana on your way out (you’ll pick something up later, you tell yourself). You get in the car, NPR’s on and they’re talking about Hilary Clinton coming to SF. You pass the toll booth and hand the attendant a crisp new $5 bill, reminding yourself once again to a buy a dang fast pass because you’d rather not see how much you’re actually spending on bridge tolls. Then it hits you…a wave of nausea. ‘Huh, that’s weird‘, you think to yourself briefly. You keep going at a smooth trot towards your destination, the traffic isn’t that bad surprisingly. You’re approaching the bridge. Now they’re talking about the Islamic state on NPR. And it hits you again, a stronger wave of nausea. ‘What the crap man‘ you say out loud while holding back a gag.

Then you remember taking THOSE vitamins/antibiotics and forgoing THAT banana. Be cool, you tell yourself, you’re almost there. Just gotta make it over the bridge. You switch the station from NPR because suddenly talk radio is just making it worse. You need something upbeat. La la la not going to puke la la la.
You’ve made it to the bridge and can judge it’ll just be about 15 minutes until you get to where you’re going. Then it comes again, this time it’s a tidal wave of nausea. Traffic comes to a stand still, picks up a little, only to stall again. No no no no. There’s no fighting it. It’s happening. You mouth is wet with saliva pooling at the back of your throat. Palms are sweaty (mom’s spaghetti). Nooooo. That’s it. You pull over, yank the Emergency brake (surprisingly well thanks to all the swan arms you’ve been doing), throw your four ways on in the middle of the bridge, get out, and puke off the bridge in front of all the other fellow morning commuters on said bridge. Yep, you did it. It happened.

Alright‘, that wasn’t that bad…’, you try to convince yourself while returning to your car (dignity not intact) and actively avoiding eye contact with other drivers around you. To avoid tossing your cookies again, you need food. Any food. So you do it. Yeah you do it. You get over the bridge and hustle it straight to McDonald’s drive-thru and order an egg and cheese biscuit. Message received, stomach…here, have an incredibly processed biscuit. You arrive late to your meeting and contemplate explaining why you were late, then think about how it might sound. You know…that whole just puked off a bridge, went and got an egg and cheese biscuit… like, rather not.

Then later, you find out that the Landcruiser of your dreams needs a new engine and for a moment you consider selling your kidney on the black market to offset impending costs (you really only need one).

Adios fourth week of February 2015, see you again never. What can you do? Laugh about it, that’s what. And cry a little. Just kidding.

Hope your week was tuned to a different frequency than mine…have a rad weekend! :)

Would you? (I would)

Lovely basket

A good quote for creative people

Made me laugh – Life in San Francisco

Tiny houses to rent on Airbnb

Moon coasters

Alright really, what color is this dress?

Above photo of Francoise Hardy found here.