20 Questions

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1. What are you doing right now?
N: Getting ready to go to Pacifica, this little beach town south of the city.
T: Drinking coffee and petting Keeper.

2. Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
N: Southeast Asia, or Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, or the Amalfi coast in Italy…it’s so hard to choose!
T: Thailand…the food, weather and people are just the best.

3. Do you have any guilty pleasures? 
N: Tea lattes, Uber, and Justin Bieber’s latest album.
T: Pastries. I was eyeing up a morning bun at the coffee shop this morning and said to myself “she’ll never know…” but I stayed strong.

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Life with Dogs / 07

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Imagine this. You’re out jogging, listening to that new Kanye West song, shaking off the stress of the day when all of a sudden a black and white panda-looking dog comes running into your periphery. You keep going, figuring it’s probably just a neighbor’s dog, but before you know it the dog has leapfrogged in front of you and dropped a ball in your path. Not only that, now it’s bowing down on its front two legs and wagging its tail high in the air as if to ask you “will you throw this please?”.
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It started as a joke one year when I got Trey a pizza for Valentine’s Day.

In a world of mind numbingly cliché Valentine’s Day gifts, I thought a pizza was a refreshing alternative. His reaction was overwhelmingly positive (I think I remember clapping). The thing is, pizza is a controversial topic in our house. I’m sensitive to gluten and dairy, which means Trey deprives himself of cheesy gluten pies of death out of sympathy for me all year long. I’m pretty sure if he would have known there was a pizza clause in our relationship agreement to begin with, he would have peaced out a while ago. I’m kidding. I think.

Anyway. As it turns out, Papa Johns (and other pizza places) does a Valentine’s Day heart-shaped pizza every year. I really can’t imagine anything that says love you bae more than giving the gift of cheese and bread. So, it’s kind of our thing now. On Feb 14th we eat pizza. We pretty much get drunk off it. Parmesan cheese, garlic dipping sauce, the whole nine yards. “Love and Gluten”, starring Trey “the Papa” Doig and Nicole “that’s too much parmesan cheese” Lee.

Even better, he told me this year he’s giving me a new tube for my bike tire. So, I’m going to ride my newly pumped-up bike down to Papa John’s and pick us up a heart-shaped pizza. Have you ever rode home on a bike with a pizza? Me neither. I’ll report back.

For a gluten and literally cheesy Valentine’s Day: Order a heart-shaped pizza. Keep your favorite jeans on (we all know you’re wearing them anyway). Grab a couple local brews. Don’t forget a bouquet of pretty flowers. Wear a cute necklace. Lastly, turn on your favorite rom com movie and make out already.

Have a rad weekend.


It’s February!

Hi there. How you doin’? Man am I glad it’s the freakin’ weekend. What do you got going on?…any grandeur plans? Tomorrow we are taking Mila to the vet for acne medicine. Did you know feline acne is a thing? It is. After that we’re spending the afternoon in Santa Cruz. On Sunday I’m sure we’ll watch the Superbowl somewhere (hopefully I can persuade the people I’m with to let that include bloody marys). It should be fun since it’s being hosted in the Bay Area this year. I’ve never been that good at the hey lets hang out, watch a game and make small talk for a few hours that tends to come along with watching football, but here goes nothin’. Hope you have a rad weekend!


How I feel about it being Friday.

Squad, the tinder for finding friendships.

Aubrey Plaza dishes on her beauty routine.

I need to teach my dogs this.

The New York Times released their Modern Love podcast, and it’s pretty good.

Speaking of love, Judd Apatow’s new Netflix show Love comes out later this month

This calendar is amazing.

The best of Sundance 2016.

Trey sent me this and we laughed pretty hard.


Above photo from Surf Magazine.

Around Here

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These past few weeks have been busy busy busy. Most nights we’ve been pecking away at our computers working on side projects (all the while dreaming of a tropical beach somewhere to lay on). This weekend I can’t wait to get out and have some fun. Here are a few photos from around here lately. 

1. / Lots of inspiration from the pages of this book lately. 2. / A new wash basin for muddy paws (more on that later). 3. / Fluffy ears and a windy San Francisco. 4. / Currently reading this, and a little bandana I made for Keeper. 5. / Chew marks on the top corner of the frame #puppy. 6. / Jack hugs are the best. 7. / Her favorite way to sit in the truck right now. 8. / An expired passport filled up. 9. / We’ve been watching the new season of X-Files. 10. / I wrote a DIY article on heart-shaped dog treats for Barkbox this week, right here if you’d like to read.


Yosemite in the Winter

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We’re so excited to debut the new design for our Wildlandia trips today! This allows us to use video and incorporate other interactive elements so you feel like you’re there with us. New design built by the ever talented Trey (I’m a lucky girl!), words and photos by yours truly. Hope you like!


My Travel Beauty Essentials

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I don’t usually wear a lot of make-up in general, and when I travel I find I tend to wear even less. Some mascara, a tinted lip balm, and sunscreen are my go-tos, but sometimes the occasion calls for more and over time I’ve found a few favorites. The best places I’ve found that sell good mini-sized products are Sephora’s Travel Section and Whole Foods (secret’s out!).

My travel essentials are:

Fat the Moon Natural Deodorant Cream – I’ve tried lots of natural deodorants and this one has been the best by far.
Clinique High Impact Mascara – My favorite mascara in mini-size.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer + brush – I don’t wear foundation or powder, so instead I use this tinted moisturizer because it provides some coverage, has spf 20, and leaves my skin feeling light and dewy.
A Bass comb – These combs are great, especially if you have really thick hair like I do!
Nars Mini Concealer – Pocket-sized and great for covering any dark under eye circles you get from late night shenanigans.
Bare Minerals Pure Radiance Highlighter in golden peach - I just started using this to brighten up my face and love the peachy color.
Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion oil +sea salt hair texturing spray – I just ran out of this, but it’s perfect for whenever you need to wash and go and want a beachy/tousled look.
A reef safe sunscreen – I usually buy this when I get to where I’m going so it’s one less thing I have to pack (and liquid restrictions on airplanes are 3 oz or less). This one is left over from swimming with the whale sharks in Mexico.

For shampoo/conditioner, I take mine from home in Gotoobs.

Some other favorites:
Klorane dry shampoo – perfect on the fly and in-between washes.
Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible oil – so great for taming any fly-aways and giving your hair a silky-feel.
Korres Lip Butter in pomegranate  - for when you want some color but don’t want to wear lipstick.


My Travel pouch is from Topos and can be found here.

Dog People – Bob Dylan


In the summer of 1967, in a house in the woods outside of Woodstock, lived Bob Dylan, The Band, and a dog named Hamlet. They were recording The Basement Tapes, a part of arguably one of the most influential chapters in American music. In an interview with a Rolling Stone reporter about the album at the time, he recalled “That’s really the way to do a recording: in a peaceful, relaxed setting. In somebody’s basement. With the windows open…and a dog lying on the floor.”

We feel you, Bob Dylan.

This wouldn’t be the first or last time his love for dogs was stated publicly. He references dogs in the lyrics of his songs (“Little Buddy“, above), they’ve made appearances on album covers, and it is one topic in interviews he seemingly has no problem talking about (if you’ve got the time, his early interviews as a salty, critical youth who opposed authority are. so. good.). Recently, in 2013 he released a children’s book based on the lyrics from his song If Dogs Run Free.

There’s no denying Bob Dylan is one of the biggest cultural and musical icons ever. I grew up listening to my dad play his songs on guitar and in college I was really inspired by his writings. Something about those catchy four-chord rhythm progressions he put together, and how rad it was that he wrote songs about edgy things like opposing societal pressures and the status quo way of thinking. Lyrics like “Don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” always really resonated with me. But finding out he’s a dog person? Next level fan for life.


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Right now I’m sitting in the empty claw foot bathtub in my bathroom, eating kale chips with ranch dressing and reflecting on the past year. The kale chips are clearly just a vessel for the ranch, but you already knew that. 2015 was a weird one. It was a lot of fun, but also really different than any other year I’ve ever had. I hope you guys all had a good holiday…apologies for the lack of posts around here. I missed writing, but needed to take a break from it for a while.

Over Christmas Trey’s grandfather (who he’s named after) passed away. Trey was really inspired by him, especially the engineering work on a NASA mission he did that Trey says influenced him to become an engineer too. So, Trey flew back to the east coast for the holidays to be with his family and sent me some pretty amusing text messages about riding in a mid-sized sedan with his mom, dad, sister and brother for 5 hours while driving from North Carolina to the funeral in Tennessee.

unnamed (90) unnamed (89)

While he was gone, I took the dogs and drove down to LA. Los Angeles is one of those cities that’s big enough to feel lost in. There’s an anonymity to it that feels good. I spent a lot of time thinking and talking to friends I hadn’t talk to in a while. I had told Trey I felt tired mentally, especially these past few months, but didn’t really know why. It was frustrating to not feel inspired or motivated about life, especially when there was nothing identifiably wrong in my life. I didn’t talk about it much here because the last thing I wanted to share with the world was my personal onset of jadedness and melancholy. I’m more of the self destructing type. I’d rather go for a long drive and blast music with the windows down, or self medicate and forget about everything. I’m not recommending that or anything, I’m just saying that’s usually just what happens.

There were a lot of times this year when I felt restless and claustrophobic. I function best in chaos. I like complicated. Intensity is exciting. When everything gets routine, that’s when I derail. This past year was a lesson in sitting still, something I hadn’t done in a while. I added it up the other day and since leaving home after high school I’ve been to 46 states, driven across the country 5 times, lived in 7 cities/towns, and been to 10 different countries. I got good at being that friend/girlfriend/daughter/sister who texts and emails from afar because I was off doing things. I perfected the art of saying goodbye. It was a formula – go out, get drunk and stay out late, look them in the eyes and kiss their face and tell them how much you love them, then leave in the morning.

Moving around and traveling a lot has its perks. Everything is new and exciting, all the time. It’s fun, really fun. It’s sharing a bottle of liquor on an overnight train with a stranger, it’s exchanging a mutual smile with someone that says more than any word in any language ever could, it’s losing yourself to the moment and abandoning everything you thought you knew. There’s no time to think about the past or worry about the future when you’re so intensely focused on the present. But there are downsides too. When you’re moving around all the time, you don’t build personal relationships with people, or get to experience the stability that comes from having a place to call home. It’s sitting alone in a hotel room during the holidays, it’s your old best friend finding a new best friend, it’s finding out you missed your grandma by a day in the boarding line for a red eye flight home, it’s nothing ever being the same when you get back.

In 2015 something changed for me. I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy running – from people and places I didn’t align with, from the status quo, trying to escape from a past that happened so long ago. This was the year when I got tired. This was the year I learned I didn’t have anything to run from anymore. When Trey got back, he told me he felt the same, for his own reasons. I think that’s why we have always worked…we both left the same small town and never looked back. But, traveling takes on a new meaning for us now. Getting to grow roots in San Francisco and finding the joy in the everyday things life has to offer here is really fun. It’s that barista who always gives you an extra shot in your latte just because, it’s that old guy at the dog park that’s always there with his irish wolfhound, it’s dinner parties with friends, it’s having a place to come home to.

I don’t know what the year ahead is going to bring our way. I’ve gotten it wrong enough times in life to know not to predict anything or plan too much anymore. Either way, good times are gonna be had.  Thank you for continuing to follow along with us here. I love reading your comments and hearing your stories. Thank you for sharing this space with me. Here’s to good vibes in 2016.