Point Reyes, CA


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Last weekend we went out to one of our favorite beaches, North Beach at Point Reyes. We’ve been here many times but coming back with Ever was really awesome. She slept most of the time under the shade of a beached log. The dogs were stoked to run around. They chased the ball and stopped to sniff washed up bull kelp and crab carapaces. It was sunny and warm (by Northern California standards) with barely a cloud in the sky, rare for a place that’s usually blanketed in a thick layer of fog. We bundled Ever up in a bear coat we found on some department store’s sale rack. I think it confuses the dogs, like…is she a human or is she another animal…?

Trey hoisted Ever on his shoulder so I could take a photo of them in front of the waves. Keeper chased plovers in the surf. I distracted Jack with the ball while a pit bull passed us. Anyone else’s cattle dog like to pick fights with dogs they’d obviously lose against? You’d never guess it, but Jack has some kick to him. I’ve become a master at reading the situation. Incoming confident big dog? Yeah he’d nip that. It’s ok we love him.
Anyway, it was the best way to spend a Sunday. On the way out a few whale spouts on the horizon caught our attention, likely some humpbacks passing through.

Ever is 7 weeks tomorrow. It will be fun to bring her here to the cliffs to spot whales when she’s older. She is the happiest, smiliest, sleepiest kid. My dream baby. I’ve been meaning to write more but there’s not too much to report. Life is slow at the moment, in the best way. Ever sleeps a lot right now. We watch a lot of day time television. Lots of rheumatoid arthritis commercials. Life is good.

  • Jen

    Love your sweet family :) Also, I swear Hoku and Jack are like brothers from other mothers.

  • Anne Melis

    Love from Belgium ! Five so beautiful members of your family !