Have a rad weekend



Is it hot as bananas where you are like it is here in the Bay area? Everyone is getting excited for Fall meanwhile I’m marinating in my own forehead sweat. Yesterday it was 90 degrees! Where’s the AC when you need it? No one has that here. Anyway, what are you guys up to this weekend? There’s this place down the street that has THE BEST chicken wings, but only on the weekends and last weekend they were a no-show so I’m pretty dang happy about ordering a ten-er of those this weekend. Other than that, we’re keeping things pretty low-key. The dogs picked up bordetella during their stay at Pet Camp last week, despite having the vaccination for it. It’s a nasty, highly contagious respiratory infection. They are on antibiotics and can’t go to public places at the moment. Jack crawled up next to me last night and watched dog youtube videos with me on my phone. He stared at it so intently. I imagine we’ll be doing some more of that while they are on the mend. Poor buddies.

Here are some fun things I found on the internet this week. Have a rad weekend!

This hipster barbie Instagram account is hilarious
A pretty chair
Couple tells how they met in Drunk History style
Private part rugs
This has been on repeat in our house lately
So sweet! The last living 9/11 search dog is honored with birthday celebration
We had so many pina coladas in Mexico and this recipe looks delicious
A cool cloud art installation in London

Above photo via A Restless Transplant.

  • http://stuckinnorthidaho.com/ Andrea Nagel

    I love that hipster Barbie Instagram! I live in the PNW and it’s spot on. I’m sure you saw a lot of that while you were up here. Anyway, it cracks me up. Have a great weekend, enjoy the wings ;)