Have a rad weekend.


It’s February!

Hi there. How you doin’? Man am I glad it’s the freakin’ weekend. What do you got going on?…any grandeur plans? Tomorrow we are taking Mila to the vet for acne medicine. Did you know feline acne is a thing? It is. After that we’re spending the afternoon in Santa Cruz. On Sunday I’m sure we’ll watch the Superbowl somewhere (hopefully I can persuade the people I’m with to let that include bloody marys). It should be fun since it’s being hosted in the Bay Area this year. I’ve never been that good at the hey lets hang out, watch a game and make small talk for a few hours that tends to come along with watching football, but here goes nothin’. Hope you have a rad weekend!


How I feel about it being Friday.

Squad, the tinder for finding friendships.

Aubrey Plaza dishes on her beauty routine.

I need to teach my dogs this.

The New York Times released their Modern Love podcast, and it’s pretty good.

Speaking of love, Judd Apatow’s new Netflix show Love comes out later this month

This calendar is amazing.

The best of Sundance 2016.

Trey sent me this and we laughed pretty hard.


Above photo from Surf Magazine.