Have a rad weekend.


Dammnn Daniel

Have you been quoting it too?

It’s raining out. The combination of overcast weather and the faint headache I have from the cocktails I had with a girlfriend last night makes me want to curl up and take a nap rather than do much else. Good thing it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here. It’s supposed to rain clear until Monday, limiting what we can do outside (bummer). But, I’ve got a new book I can’t wait to dive into, and a growing list of projects to work on that will consume most of the next few days. I told Trey I’d challenge him to karaoke/lip syncing at some point. He’s pretty good at it, but so am I. Tonight we’re having our usual fall back Friday night plan: Indian take out and watching crime dramas in our sweats. Hope you guys have a rad weekend, here are something I came across this week:


A Mean Girls Musical is coming our way

Hey guys, you busy?” (from Reddit)

Oceanographers record sound from the deepest part of the ocean

To anyone who thinks they are falling behind

Surfer’s granola

Future Island’s side project drops a new album and it’s really good

Modern beach vibes

A Taste of Streep.
Photo above: the sunset on San Francisco bay from our window earlier this week.