Have a rad weekend.


This week went by super fast (funny story- I met an English guy on a train in Thailand and asked him what’s the one word people from the US say a lot and he said “Super, everything is SUUUper”, I loved that). Anyway, man oh man is it beautiful outside. Oh mama, I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend outdoors. California folks really are spoiled when it comes to weather (don’t worry, we pay higher taxes and 6 dollar bridge tolls to make up for it).

Let’s see…well, we’re revamping this space since it’s been getting a lot of traffic (thanks!). So if you happen to cruise through over the weekend and things look a little crazy, pardon our mess – we’re just doing some maintenance. Oh and hey!… don’t be afraid to leave comments in the comments section, I don’t bite! As a long time lurker of blogs, I totally understand it though. It’s cool, take it in. Throw it back if it feels right, haha. We’re hoping the new design will be more accommodating for readers and I’m really excited. In the meantime, have a rad weekend.

Oh Bill Murray, you make me laugh and cry
Make your place smell great
The best all natural deodorant I’ve ever used, hands down
Humble beginnings of 2015 Oscar nominees
Cactus tea towels

Above photo found here.

  • http://www.heatherbyhand.com/ Heather

    I just ran across your blog last week… I am loving all of the pictures of your puppies, and you have officially given me an obsession with old Land Cruisers! My fiance has an ’85 Forerunner and I know deep down that it is his one true love. It has certainly taken us on some great adventures! Hope you have a rad weekend, too :)

    • wildlandia

      Haha old trucks are the best. Our is an 87′…we love it, but it needs some work!

  • Jen

    I have been strolling through your words and images for several months…I am always inspired. You have a great eye, and a lovely sensibility.

    • wildlandia

      Thanks :)