Have a rad weekend.


This weekend is daylight’s savings time and can I get a WOOTY WOOT for that – yes indeed roll them clocks forward on Sunday. There’s only a few more weeks left in winter and that makes me really happy. With spring comes projects and travel and I am overjoyed to be saying goodbye to the “winter” we had here. I pulled my bike out from storage yesterday, soo stoked to have some sunlight left in the evenings to go on a ride around town.

Keeper is growing like a shoot of bamboo. She knows a trick now that I can’t wait to share. Hint hint – it’s one we’re VERY familiar with. But first I have to chase her down and capture it on video. She’s like a lightening bolt of energy mixed with sugary sweetness. She’s made friends with every dog person in the neighborhood. Just the best. This morning she woke us up by jumping in the bed covered in tape from a lint roller she had gotten her paws onto. It’s hard to be mad when you’re laughing.

As for this weekend, we’re headed somewhere – we don’t know where yet. Sometimes the best remedy for a long week is to just get in the car with no plans whatsoever and drive. You come across the best places and end up doing the coolest things. No agenda, just right. Lola will be back in two weeks with a spankin’ new get up – repaired engine, added horsepower for hauling (hells yeah), and a cleaned inside. Adventures await.
Sunday I’ll probably hit up a flea market in the morning and meet Trey for yoga in the afternoon. Maybe whip up some delicious brunch. Next week we’ll be back with an all new Dog People post.

In the meantime, have a rad weekend.

Say what you wanna say

Joanna Goddard’s cute Brooklyn apartment 

A falling garden

All the rage right now

I can’t stop watching him.

Love this new Spring line

Let loose

Cool mugs



Above photo of Leslie Fiest found here.