Have a rad weekend.


What are your plans for this weekend? Tonight we’re going to a friend’s Pi(e) party because it’s 3/13 and that’s just a day away from 3/14 and in math, Pi is 3.14 (rounded). Then, I don’t know what else we’re up to this weekend. Maybe watch a movie and make out a little, eat some eggs. Who knows, the world is ours. Hope yours is exactly what you need.

Have a rad weekend.

Book darts

And a book to use them in

The Himalayas, from 20,000 feet

Been listenin’ to this all week

Did you know the word ‘Fart‘ means speed in Norwegian? (you’re welcome)

The Bollywood Workout

A new island has formed in the South Pacific ocean and it’s kinda cute


Above photo found here.

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    Favourite song ever. What a great cover.