Have a rad weekend.

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I’m back! How was your week? Any great plans for this weekend? Our week was super interesting. We came home to Trey’s motorcycle being stolen and checked Craigslist to find it being listed by some guy who lived down the street. So, we acted as though we were interested buyers and showed up, naturally. We verified it was our bike, agreed to buy it, and said we needed to go to the ATM, then we showed back up with the cops.  Here’s the thing, although we have the title that clearly states the bike is ours, he managed to get a new title from the DMV and register it through some loophole (the bike still had FL tags and the registration was out – if you remember, we had just got it back from having it previously stolen from our Uhaul when we moved here from Florida). The guy claims he didn’t steal it, that he bought it from some guy for $150. So the cops told us there was nothing they could do except mark it as stolen so the guy couldn’t sell it. The guy is keeping it.  I looked right at him and asked “did you steal our bike?” and he just looked back at me coldly and said “no, I didn’t”. The police told us it’s considered a civil case now and if we want the bike back, we’ll have to sue him and bring him in front of a judge. So, here’s a PSA for all you cats out there in the market for a new-to-you vehicle: go find an out of state car with expired tags,  apparently they’re ripe for the pickin’. The cops? Nah, don’t worry about them, they won’t do anything.

Last night’s bottle of champagne was completely warranted in my mind. Maybe not the second one, but definitely the first. Here’s to celebrating being a law abiding citizen who doesn’t steal like some kind of neanderthal. And here’s to going swimming this weekend and eating indian food at an awesome little spot down the street tonight because negativity never wins.  On a lighter note, here are some things around the internet that I found cool/happy/inspiring this week. Hope you have a happy, rad weekend!

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Photo of Jack as Steve Zissou is one I took and posted to Instagram earlier this week.