Have a Rad Weekend.



Any grand plans? We’re sleeping in. There will be eggs. There’s also this neat DIY I’m wanting to make if I can get my hands on some polymer clay. Currently, it’s 10:31 on Friday morning and I’m drinking this cup of Jamaican coffee I got at a coffee stop down the street that claims it is the best in the world right now because a hurricane hit there not too long ago, saturated the earth and did something spectacular to the beans. It’s so Berkeley/San Francisco bourgeois it hurts. In college I used to only drink Dunkin Donuts coffee every other day (small with cream, $1.49) from the shop across the street from the hall my english class was in because I thought the idea of paying for coffee I could make at home was a ridiculous expense. Today I paid $6 for hurricane coffee. TL;DR I’m a bourgeois adult.

Here are some things I found funny/cool around the internet this week. Have a rad weekend!

I’ve been listening to this all week
Ralph ate tater tots
Wild swimming spots around the world
A week without sorry
I love this!
This cabin in the woods of British Columbia is too cool
A yummy looking grilled cheese recipe
We’re giving our bedroom a little makeover and need a rug – I like this one¬†and this one.
One of my favorite writers recently did a Nerdist podcast

Photo of a young Mick Jagger found here.