A road trip to Monterey with Jack Dog

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Jack and I took a solo trip down to Monterey last weekend. On the way down we stopped off and saw some sea otters milling about near Elkhorn Slough, then a huge humpback whale right off the beach at Seaside Beach, and some funny sea lions hanging out on the docks of Moss landing harbor. Then we drove along the coast to one of our favorite spots – Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, and stopped at a yurt in the hills on the way back. Monterey is a place we go at least 3-4 times a year. I always find myself there. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful and one of the best places to take a road trip, it’s one of the only spots in the US where you can sit on cliffs and look at migrating whales below. There’s a deep underwater canyon right off the beach in Monterey Bay where all kinds of animals frequent, especially whales. I’ve yet to convince Trey to go diving in the canyon in the kelp forests here – he thinks they’re too spooky. Diving buddy wanted!

Jack sat on the center console the whole way (his spot), then hopped up front to be closer to the air conditioning while driving the stretch of highway 1 in Big Sur. Whenever he does this I always strap him in with the seat belt like a human. He just stares out the window and occasionally glances over at me like, “you seein’ this?!”. He’s such a little buddha. Eventually he’ll hunker down and fall asleep on the arm rest.

It was nice to get away to one of our favorite places. Lucky us it’s only a couple hours from where we live. I can’t wait to go back…maybe in a few months when the elephant seals haul out. Until next time, Monterey!

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  • Gina Linetti

    That trip sounds amazing! I love marine life so much– I swear if I hadn’t sucked at math and science in school, I would have changed my career path haha! – Sarah

    • Wildlandia

      Ha! :)

  • Tammy Nguyen

    Monterey looks BEAUTIFUL! We just moved to San Diego, and I’ve always loved following your beach photos. This one is especially gorgeous! Hope to be able to make it up north one day.

    • Wildlandia

      Congrats on the move! I used to live in a little garden apartment in San Diego when I went to Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla…it’s so beautiful there. And yes, north is beautiful too!

  • Topher G.

    I love that drive! Big Sur is truly a magical place. I love your photos and your dogs are super cute!

    • Wildlandia

      Thanks! When we were in Italy road tripping the Amalfi Coast someone there told us they dreamed of road tripping Big Sur one day…it’s cool that it’s world renowned as a magical place! :)