Sitting at an airport in paris


It’s 4:30 am and I’m sitting in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France about to board a flight to Italy. We’ve just spent the week riding bikes and eating our way around Paris and now we’re heading to the Amalfi coast. Trey tells me I look like I just stepped out of Bill and Ted’s time machine because of the Smiths t-shirt and jean jacket I’m wearing. So, now I have a boyfriend for sale, $5 OBO. ;)

We stayed in a little flat in Bastille, a trendy district in Paris. There was a Vespa repair shop a few doors over with a French bulldog who guarded the door wearing a chain collar. The street was made of light gray cobblestone and there was a boulangerie with the best smelling croissants on the corner.
Highlights of being in Paris were an awesome gathering of foods from a local street market, renting bikes and riding through the city to the Eiffel tower for a picnic, and finding an original EP record of Francoise Hardy (my woman crush) at a hole in the wall flea market we ducked into because it was raining. I’ll do a full post on our time in Europe when I get back (sometime in between finishing my work in FL and packing up to move back to CA(!), but for now I’m going to absorb everything european around me sans computer.
Jack is with our trainer friend Brian who has six border collies and lives on a llama farm and Mila Cat is being watched over by my great friend Mel. We miss them!